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Quick Tips to Add Friends in Clash Royale [Shortcuts]

Did you figure out Clash Royale's friend-adding process? After becoming interested in this, you instantly attempted to add a new Clash Royale friend. If you are a great fan of Clash Royale, you must have some Clash Royale friends and never pass up the chance to start a new game.

tips to add friends in clash royale
Tips to Add Friends in Clash Royale

However, none of your efforts were successful since you could not identify the best solution to carry out your intention. As we stated, if everything is precise, you have come to the correct location at the right moment, and you are still uncertain how to add players to Clash Royale.

This article will step you through the steps in asking other users for friendship while outlining your options. The instructions you need to start a new game with your buddies can also be found afterward.

Why is It Necessary in Clash Royale to Add Friends?

You might first consider why you need to invite friends to Clash Royale. The simple explanation is that you can have more awesome fun playing a game with friends.

You can enjoy unlimited gems and gold with your friends during the game using the private server of Clash Royale, i.e., Master Royale. Playing on the private server Master Royale is a remarkable journey because you start with an endless supply of gems, money, and other help.

Additionally, competing against your friends to see who the best at Clash Royale a great experience can is. When you are up against tough opponents, your friends will be able to support you by sending you a gift!

It's time to show you how to play Clash Royale with pals. Now that you know the advantages of adding friends to Clash Royale, we will stroll you through all your options. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

How to Add Friends on Clash Royale?

How do you become friends in Clash Royale? We will give you a quick explanation now! Through the Invite a Friend feature in the game or by allowing other players to use your Supercell ID, you can add friends to Clash Royale.

Method 1: Add More People by Invitation

Start Clash Royale on your mobile, wait for it to load, and then tap the Battle option (represented by the two swords icon) in the bottom menu to continue. Then click the tiny guy icon in the upper right corner. Ensure the Friends tab is chosen before tapping the Invite a Friend button.

Decide whether you like to send your invitation via email or a messaging program (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc.). Alternatively, you can post your invitation code on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Your friend list will immediately include everyone who has installed Clash Royale on their device and clicked the invitation link you provided. Re-enter the Battle section, press the little man symbol, and choose the Friends tab to view your list of friends in Clash Royale.

Add more people by invitation
Add more people by invitation

Method 2: Add Friend on Clash Royale Via Facebook

Another fantastic method is to add friends on Facebook. You can add your Facebook pals to Clash Royale if you have many. You are unaware that many of your Facebook friends play games like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans. We will now show how to add Facebook friends in Clash Royale.

Your Facebook account must first be linked to your Clash Royale account before these friends who also play the game will be added automatically. Your Facebook account to Clash Royale to connect it. Take these actions:

  • Press the button to access the menu bar, then tap the setting choice.

  • You will now see a list of options, among them Facebook. The disconnect button is visible.

  • To connect, click the Facebook disconnect button and adhere to the prompts on the screen.

  • Connect your Facebook account by entering your Facebook ID, email, and password.

  • The Facebook accounts were then connected to Clash Royale.

Add Friend on Clash Royale Via Facebook
Add Friend on Clash Royale Via Facebook

You may now quickly add your Facebook friends to Clash Royale.

Method 3: Add People Via Supercell ID In 2v2 Battle

Using your Supercell ID, which is the account that enables you to save your progress online in the games created by Supercell (such as Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day Pop, etc.), and synchronizes them on their devices, is another way to connect friends in Clash Royale.

Start Clash Royale, go to the Battle section, push the button in the top right corner, and then choose the Supercell ID option from the menu that appears if you do not already have a Supercell ID and wish to create one. Select Continue and touch the Register now and Continue options on the newly shown screen.

Add People Via Supercell ID In 2v2 Battle
Add People Via Supercell ID In 2v2 Battle

Next, fill in the box with your email address. Press the Register button, take note of the 6-digit code provided to the email mentioned above address in the message, and type it into the field on the screen. Nearly there!

You can now invite new players to Clash Royale. To accomplish this, touch the button again, choose Supercell ID from the menu, and tap the Add button in the Add friend box. Press the Send button and hit the OK item to finish setting up your account and link the current Clash Royale game to your Supercell ID.


In Clash Royale, adding friends is straightforward and requires a few quick actions. You can invite friends by visiting the Battle part of the game and selecting the button, scanning a QR code, or sharing a unique invite link. Facebook also lets you invite friends. You can use these procedures to play Clash Royale with more friends. So why are you still waiting? Start inviting your friends over so you can all enjoy the game!

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